Job interviews

I have my second job interview with Strasburger and Price.
First interview with DFW Intl. Airport

I didnt get the position at Red Hat :(

Two Months in Waiting

Two more months until graduation :)
I’m currently debating when to go to grad school. Before I was thinking in about two or three years, but I changed my mind after talking to several people. Right now, I have decided I will go to grad school in a year or so. I jump at opportunities, especially work ones. Therefore, limiting me in going to grad school. So before I commit to a higher management level, I must finish grad school.

고민성(25), 정한솔(25)

고민성(25), 정한솔(25)

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Main Goal

One of my goals in life is to make a lot of money so that my mom can retire as soon as possible.  Then she can visit Vietnam whenever she wants. 


School and work have really sucked the energy out of me. I used to be an extreme extrovert, but now I’m leaning towards being an introvert. I don’t want to interact with people as much anymore.

I moved onto the second interview round for a tech company.
I have an job interview with a law firm this Friday.

Oh yes, my aunt is visiting from Vietnam.